Rook Piercings Flower

Rook Piercing


What is Rook piercing? A rook piercing is a perforation on the antihelix region of the ear to wear jewelry. It is just above the […]

Barbell Piercing


What is Barbell Piercing? The barbell is a small straight bar with a bead on each end. One is fixed on the bar whereas the […]

Double Pierced Ears

Double Ear Piercing


What is Double Ear Piercing? Two piercings in any part of the ear which is connected by a jewelry are referred to as Double Ear […]

Industrial Piercing


What is an Industrial Piercing? Industrial Piercing is a form of an ear or a cartilage piercing involving a pair of perforation connected by one […]

Tragus Orbital Piercing

Orbital Piercing


What is Orbital piercing? An orbital piercing is twin perforation¬†connected by a single¬†jewelry which usually is a ring that makes it look like an orbit […]