Quad Belly Button Piercing

Double Belly Button Piercing or Double Belly Piercing

What is Double Belly Button Piercing? When the number of navel piercing is two, they are known as Double Belly button, Double Navel or Double Belly Piercing. Popular among pop stars, the double belly’s standard placement is 1/2” to 1” above the navel and below it. Due to its position it is also sometimes referred […]

Belly Button Piercing on Bottom

Bottom Belly Button Piercing

What is Bottom Belly Button Piercing? Bottom Belly or Bottom Belly Button is a type of navel piercing where a perforation is made on the lower part of the belly button. Having well-defined belly anatomy, this is a cool way to display gorgeous jewelry on a flat tummy.  It is very much in fashion these […]

Pierced Back Dimples

Back Dimple Piercing

What are Back Dimple Piercing or Back Piercing? Dimples are a formation on cheeks. Then you must be wondering what does back dimple mean? Back dimple, also known as ‘Dimple of Venus’ is the depression on the back area near the waist and can commonly be called as Back piercing. These Piercings look good with […]

Cyber Bites Piercing Pictures

Cyber Bite Piercing

What is Cyber Bite Piercing? Cyber Bites are a pair of piercings one on the groove of the upper lip and another at the bottom of the lower lip. It is a combination of Medusa and a standard Labret piercing. These piercings look cool and trendy on both boys and girls. It is famous among […]

Tongue Web Piercing Photos

Tongue Web Piercing or Web piercing

What is Tongue Web Piercing? A tongue web or frenulum is a thin skin that connects the tongue to the bottom surface of the mouth. A perforation in the same tissue is referred to as Tongue web piercing or just Web piercing. Since it is a fragile layer, therefore, the pain is less due to […]

Tragus Orbital Piercing

Orbital Piercing

What is Orbital piercing? An orbital piercing is twin perforation connected by a single jewelry which usually is a ring that makes it look like an orbit hence the name. Mostly placed in the helix area of ear, this piercing can be acquired at any part of the body including the ear. The piercing stands out from […]

Vampire Bite Piercings

Vampire Bites Piercing

What is a Vampire Bite Piercing? Vampire bite is a type of neck piercing that mimics the vampire bites from the fictional stories. It can be on either side of the neck and is also popular as a Vampire kiss piercing. This style of body modification is appropriate for anyone who wants to make a […]

Double Nose Piercing

Double Nose Piercing or Double Nostril Piercing

What is Double Nose Piercing? Double Nose Piercing forms most updated look especially in the fashion industry equally liked by both male and female irrespective of their sexes. It is a bolder, daring and a good option for those who want to seek attention, as it brings symmetry to nose piercings if it is on […]

Dermal Chest Piercing

Chest Piercing

What is Chest piercing? As clear with name Chest piercings are dermal piercings just above the sternum or chest area. They are thus also known as pre-sternum or Chest Dermal Piercing. It lies in the center region on breastbone below the neck. They gradually gaining popularity among people as they find it to be different […]

Uvula Piercings

Uvula Piercing

What is Uvula Piercing? It is the perforation of the uvula, a tiny, fleshy mass of tissue hanging from the soft palate at the back of the throat. A rare type of oral piercing, getting a uvula piercing could be a unique experience for the body piercing enthusiasts. Double uvula piercing is a popular variation where two perforations […]