Medusa Piercing

Medusa piercing is the perforation of the philtrum. The piercing is made on the dip above the upper lip. The location is directly below the septum of the nose. The piercing is also known as the philtrum piercing. Risks: The person intending to get a medusa piercing must be aware of the fact that this […]

Cartilage Piercing

  A perforation made on any part of the body that is made up of cartilage is broadly known as a cartilage piercing. The piercing is made in order to be able to wear jewellery. The nose and ear are the most common areas for cartilage piercing. Risks: The cartilage piercing is more painful than […]

High Nostril Piercing Jewelry

High Nostril Piercing

High nostril piercing refers to a perforation that is usually higher than the normal piercing on the nostril. It is a piercing that is located on the nose bridge on one side of the nose or on both sides of the nose. Risks related to high nostril piercing: Infection – The most common danger relater […]

Madonna Piercing Ring

Madonna piercing

A Madonna piercing is a piercing made above the right side of the upper lip. The piercing has been named after the famous singer Madonna. The piercing is made as an attempt to resemble the beauty spot of the famous singer that is placed on the same location. A double piercing on the same location […]

Vertical Labret Lip Piercing

Vertical Labret Piercing

The vertical labret piercing also known as the middle bottom lip piercing is a perforation on the lower lips. The piercing starts at the top of the bottom lip and without entering the mouth it ends at the bottom of the lower lip. It is one of the many variations that come under the category […]

Ear Cartilage Piercing

What is Cartilage Piercing? Cartilage piercing is old school yet youngsters in their ploy to become fashionable don’t look deep into the matters and end up with an infection or damage to the ear. For all intent and purposes, piercing isn’t anything negative but a little knowledge won’t hurt anyone, would it? Types Of Cartilage […]

Double Ear Piercing

What is Double Ear Piercing? Ear piercing is a very common and funky way to flaunt your style and make a strong statement. Double ear lobe piercing is a variation in which the ear lobe is punctured twice by the piercer. It is neither as painful as other forms of piercing nor does it takes […]

Triple Cartilage Piercing

What is Triple Cartilage Piercing? Multiple piercing is spreading like wildfire amongst everyone who has a passion towards piercing and those who like to flaunt a unique style. It is a different and creative modification which involves perforating any part of the ear cartilage. Triple Cartilage Piercing Pain Ear cartilage piercing is quite painful. It […]

Dermal Piercing

Altering your natural body in any way a big step and it should be taken after much consideration. Because your body isn’t exactly predictable, you need to think about it and weigh all the options – chances of your body rejecting it or getting infected due to it are too high. In the case of […]