Double Cartilage Piercing

Cartilage Piercing


What is cartilage piercing? A perforation made on any part of the body that is made up of cartilage is broadly known as a cartilage […]

High Nostril Piercing Jewelry

High Nostril Piercing


What is high nostril piercing? High nostril piercing or double nose piercing refers to a perforation that is usually higher than the normal piercing on the […]

Madonna Piercing Ring

Madonna Piercing


What is Madonna piercing? Inspired by the famous singer Madonna, this piercing generally locates above the right side of the upper lip. The piercing is […]

Ear Cartilage Piercing


What is Cartilage Piercing? Cartilage is the connective tissue present on the ears and nose. The skin is harder but softer than bones. Ear cartilage […]

Triple Cartilage Piercing


What is Triple Cartilage Piercing? Multiple cartilage piercing or triple helix piercing is spreading like wildfire amongst everyone who has a passion towards piercing and those […]

Daith Piercing


What is a Daith Piercing? Daith Piercing is done through the innermost cartilage fold called the crus of the helix. It is an awkward angle […]

Anti-Tragus Piercing


What is Anti-Tragus Piercing? Anti tragus is another unique form of ear piercing where the inner ear cartilage is pierced adjacent to the lobe and […]

Tragus Piercing


What do Scarlett Johnson, Lucy Hale, and Rihanna have in common other than their celebrity status? You’ve guessed it right – they all have ear […]