Double Cartilage Piercing

Cartilage Piercing


What is cartilage piercing? A perforation made on any part of the body that is made up of cartilage is broadly known as a cartilage piercing. The piercing is made in order to be able to wear jewellery. The nose and ear are the most common areas for cartilage piercing. Based on the numbers of […]

High Nostril Piercing Jewelry

High Nostril Piercing


What is high nostril piercing? High nostril piercing or double nose piercing refers to a perforation that is usually higher than the normal piercing on the nostril. It is a piercing that is located on the nose bridge on one side of the nose or on both sides of the nose.   Method of high nostril […]

Madonna Piercing Ring

Madonna Piercing


What is Madonna piercing? Inspired by the famous singer Madonna, this piercing generally locates above the right side of the upper lip. The piercing is an attempt to resemble the beauty spot of the famous singer that was in the same area. A double piercing on the same location is referred to as a double […]

Vertical Labret Lip Piercing

Vertical Labret Piercing or Angel Kiss Piercing


What is Vertical labret piercing? The vertical labret piercing or middle bottom lip piercing is a perforation on the lower lips. The piercing starts at the top of the bottom lip and without entering the mouth it ends at the bottom of the lower lip. It is one of the many variations that come under […]

Ear Cartilage Piercing


What is Cartilage Piercing? Cartilage is the connective tissue present on the ears and nose. The skin is harder but softer than bones. Ear cartilage piercing involves the needle to pierce through the cartilage and jewelry is inserted. It is highly popular, especially among women and the upper ear cartilage is the commonly pierced area. […]

Triple Cartilage Piercing


What is Triple Cartilage Piercing? Multiple cartilage piercing or triple helix piercing is spreading like wildfire amongst everyone who has a passion towards piercing and those who like to flaunt a unique style. It is a different and creative modification which involves perforating any part of the ear cartilage. Pain Ear cartilage piercing is quite painful. […]

Daith Piercing


What is a Daith Piercing? Daith Piercing is done through the innermost cartilage fold called the crus of the helix. It is an awkward angle because of the curvy position. It is also popularly known as migraine piercing or an ear piercing for migraines or even an ear piercing for anxiety. How is Daith piercing […]

Anti-Tragus Piercing


What is Anti-Tragus Piercing?

Anti tragus is another unique form of ear piercing where the inner ear cartilage is pierced adjacent to the lobe and tragus. It does not suit everyone, but those who have an overlap or more skin in the inward part of the ear would be more comfortable. Read more about Anti-Tragus Piercing

Belly Button Piercing

Navel Piercing or Belly Button Piercing


What is Navel Piercing?

Belly Button Piercing or Navel Piercing is not actually done on the belly button, but the skin surrounding it. It is believed that the Pharaohs invented it to symbolize their courage and later bikinis popularized it. One of the advantages is that one can easily hidde it underneath clothes. You can show it off whenever you want or keep it private. The procedure is fairly safe and less painful if you find a professional piercer and hygienic piercing studio. Read more about Navel Piercing or Belly Button Piercing

Tragus Piercing

Stainless Steel Tragus Jewelry

What do Scarlett Johnson, Lucy Hale, and Rihanna have in common other than their celebrity status? You’ve guessed it right – they all have ear piercings, i.e. Tragus Piercing. You may have noticed a lot of people with this kind of piercing. As per BBC, it got popular after 2005.

So what is a Tragus Piercing? Let’s find out.  Read more about Tragus Piercing