Third Eye Piercing

What is Third Eye Piercing? The third eye piercing is a perforation made between the eyebrows that is made vertically at the bridge of the nose. This piercing is also be referred to as the ‘bindi’ piercing or vertical bridge piercing or the unicorn piercing.. According to religions like Hinduism and Buddhism the ‘bindi’ (a […]

Bottom Lip Piercing

What is Bottom Lip Piercing? Bottom lip piercings refer to a perforation or a set of perforations made on the lower lip. Bottom lip piercings include a variety of piercings based on the location of the piercing, namely: Inside bottom lip piercing Middle bottom lip piercing Center bottom lip piercing Snakebite piercing Shark bite piercing […]

Cheek Piercing or Dimple Piercing

What is Cheek Piercing?

Body art excites everyone as it looks cool and trendy and a little rebellious too. People have a pocket full of reasons for getting a piercing done and as a matter of fact, there are many choices in the kind of piercing as well. You can get it almost anywhere you want, even on your cheek. Spooky, right? Yet, cheek piercing or dimple Piercing is a type of facial piercing that is not uncommon as you might think. You will find a lot of people with their cheeks pierced and if you somehow get impressed by it, you should probably know some things that are not visible there on the cheek. Read more about Cheek Piercing or Dimple Piercing