Cyber Bite Piercing

What is Cyber Bite Piercing? Cyber Bites are a pair of piercings one on the groove of the upper lip and another at the bottom of the lower lip. It is a combination of Medusa and a standard Labret piercing. These piercings look cool and trendy on both boys and girls. It is famous among […]

Tongue Web Piercing

What is Tongue Web Piercing? A tongue web or frenulum is a thin skin that connects the tongue to the bottom surface of the mouth. A perforation in the same tissue is referred to as Tongue web piercing. Since it is a fragile layer, therefore, the pain is less due to the absence of muscles. […]

Uvula Piercing

What is Uvula Piercing? It is the perforation of the uvula, a tiny, fleshy mass of tissue hanging from the soft palate at the back of the throat. A rare type of oral piercing, getting a uvula piercing could be a unique experience for the body piercing enthusiasts. Double uvula piercing is a popular variation where two perforations […]

Tooth Piercing

What is Tooth piercing? Tooth piercing also known as dental piercing is a hole that is carved in the tooth to insert a gem or stone jewelry in the crown of the tooth. Etched with a small jewel, the tooth allure the smile with a sparkle. Tooth piercing is famous among youngsters. Have you heard […]

Shark Bite Piercing

What is Shark bite piercing? Shark bite piercing is relatively a new type of piercing which is done on both sides of the lower lip. It highlights the smile. Popular among youngsters, these piercings look trendy and cool. Sometimes it is also known as double snake bite piercing. Procedure Opt for a well-known parlor with […]

Venom Piercing

What is Venom Piercing? Placed horizontally on both the sides of the tongue symmetrical to each other, Venom piercing or surface venom tongue piercing resembles venom bites or frog eyes. It is not very common among people. Unlike a single jewelry as in the case of Tongue piercing, you will have two small barbells on both […]

Dahlia Piercing

What do you think is the rarest and scariest type of lip piercing? Is it the one that reminds you of the infamous murder- Black Dahlia? The piercing got its name from the facial mutilation of the American actress Elizabeth Short known posthumously as Black Dahlia. This type of lip piercing is still very uncommon, […]

Vertical Labret Lip Piercing

Vertical Labret Piercing

The vertical labret piercing or middle bottom lip piercing is a perforation on the lower lips. The piercing starts at the top of the bottom lip and without entering the mouth it ends at the bottom of the lower lip. It is one of the many variations that come under the category of the lower […]