Third Eye Piercing


What is Third Eye Piercing? The third eye piercing is a perforation made between the eyebrows that is made vertically at the bridge of the […]

Navel Piercing


Getting a piercing done is a big decision of your life, probably one of the biggest you will ever have to make. Everyone likes to […]

Dermal Corset Piercing

Corset Piercing


What is Corset Piercing? In definition it is quite simple to explain, it is basically done to sew ribbons in your skin. Two parallel rows […]

Wrist Piercing Photos

Wrist Piercing


What is Wrist Piercing? Wrist Piercing is done through the surface of a wrist and was publicized by Jon Cob. He was a well-known body […]

Ankle Piercing Pictures

Ankle Piercing


Body piercing has evolved over centuries. From ear piercing which had its own religious beliefs to the most piercings in other parts of the¬†body to […]