Double Belly Button Piercing

What is Double Belly Button Piercing? When the number of navel piercing is two, they are known as Double Belly button or Double Navel. Popular among pop stars, the double belly’s standard placement is 1/2” to 1” above the navel and below it. It is a cool way to accentuate the flat stomach embellished with […]

Bottom Belly Button Piercing

What is Bottom Belly Piercing? Bottom Belly Button is a type of navel piercing where a perforation is made on the lower part of the belly button. Having well-defined belly anatomy, this is a cool way to display gorgeous jewelry on a flat tummy.  It is very much in fashion these days as the fabulous […]

Back Dimple Piercing

What are Back Dimple Piercings? Back dimple, also known as ‘Dimple of Venus’ is the depression on the back area near the waist. Piercings look good with low waist jeans and crop tops where people can flaunt their backs with the gorgeous jewelry adorning in that area. However, the piercing is in an area that […]

Orbital Piercing

What is Orbital piercing? An orbital piercing is twin perforation connected by a single jewelry which usually is a ring that makes it look like an orbit hence the name. Mostly placed in the helix area of ear, this piercing can be acquired at any part of the body including the ear. The piercing stands out from […]

Vampire Bites Piercing

What is a Vampire Bite Piercing? Vampire bite is a type of neck piercing that mimics the vampire bites from the fictional stories. It can be on either side of the neck and is also popular as a Vampire kiss piercing. This style of body modification is appropriate for anyone who wants to make a […]

Chest Piercing

What is Chest piercing? As clear with name Chest piercings are dermal piercings just above the sternum or chest area. They are thus also known as pre-sternum. It lies in the center region on breastbone below the neck. They gradually gaining popularity among people as they find it to be different and unique liked by […]

Finger Piercing

What are Finger-Piercings? A ring for a finger is a general thing that is common to all. Piercing finger to adorn jewelry on the skin is relatively a new concept. Shunning Wedding and engagement rings for something edgier. Piercings on any part of the fingers are termed as Finger Piercings. It can be on the […]

Gothic Piercing

Goths-Style & Fashion Goth is a term used for the East Germanic people. The two branches of this culture are Visigoths and Ostrogoths. Before the Huns invasion, Goths used to produce jewelry, vessels, and decorative items influenced by Roman and Greek craftsman. Since then they developed a unique style and fashion trend. Many people nowadays […]

Dermal Piercing

What is Dermal Piercing? Unlike nose and earlobe piercing, Dermal Piercing involves the process where a part of the stud or ring engraves inside the skin. Moreover, it can be done on any part of your body i.e. near your brow bone, neck, naval and chin. Each of these is different types of dermal piercings. A […]

Nape Piercing

What is Nape Piercing? A long time ago, there was the man and his enemies but no technologically advanced weapon. In those hard days, the man would pierce his body to appear creepy and scare them away. People get piercing today not to frighten people but to invite them in. As is seen, piercing is […]