Outie Belly Button Piercing Pictures

Outie Belly Button Piercing


What is an Outie Belly Button Piercing? Outie-belly button is a kind of navel piercing having a convex surface. This structure can be scarring of […]

Neck Piercings

Neck Piercing


What is Neck Piercing? Neck piercings are the perforations that take place on the neck part to wear embedding jewelry. The piercings on the back section of […]

Micro Dermal Piercings Nape

Micro Dermal Piercing


What is a Microdermal piercing? Microdermal piercing is a single point piercing that lies on any flat surface of the body, but they are not […]

Madison Piercing Pictures

Madison Piercing


What is Madison piercing? Madison piercing is a style of neck piercing where the front part of the neck is perforated in between the collar […]

Pierced Back Dimples

Back Dimple Piercing


What are Back Dimple Piercing or Back Piercing? Dimples are a formation on cheeks. Then you must be wondering what does back dimple mean? Back […]

Tragus Orbital Piercing

Orbital Piercing


What is Orbital piercing? An orbital piercing is twin perforation connected by a single jewelry which usually is a ring that makes it look like an orbit […]

Vampire Bite Piercings

Vampire Bites Piercing


What is a Vampire Bite Piercing? Vampire bite is a type of neck piercing that mimics the vampire bites from the fictional stories. It can […]