Double Ear Piercing

What is Double Ear Piercing?

Ear piercing is a very common and funky way to flaunt your style and make a strong statement. Double ear lobe piercing is a variation in which the ear lobe is punctured twice by the piercer. It is neither as painful as other forms of piercing nor does it takes a lot to heal. But precaution regarding hygiene at the time of piercing is to be considered to avoid any sort of infections or any complications.

Double ear piercing healing

It would take nearly a month or two (4 to 8 weeks) for the piercing to heal. The ear lobe comprises of only flesh, hence making it the softest portion of the ear. Piercing of earlobe is not too painful also.

Double Ear Lobe Piercing
Double Ear and Helix Piercing

Double ear piercing aftercare

To keep away any sort of infection after piercing certain things should be taken care of.

  • Cleanse your hand properly before touching or cleaning the pierced earlobe
  • Rinse the pierced area with cotton soaked in warm salt water
  • While taking a bath clean the pierced area gently with soap
  • Avoid taking a call from the pierced side and sleeping on the pierced side
  • Do not apply any cosmetic in the region
double ear piercing ideas
Double Ear Piercing Earrings
Double Ear Piercing

Double ear piercing jewelry

There are many unique designs to choose from in circular rings, bead rings, etc. Different jewelry could be used for the respective piercings, but using one for both the piercing would give a nice trendy statement.

Double Lobe Ear Piercing
Double Ears Pierced

Double ear piercing cost

Double ear piercing would cost around $10 to $50 depending on the whether you go to a professional piercer or not.

Ears Double Pierced
Double Pierced Ears

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