Madonna Piercing

Inspired by the famous singer Madonna, Madonna piercing is made above the right side of the upper lip. The piercing is made as an attempt to resemble the beauty spot of the famous singer that is placed in the same location. A double piercing on the same location is referred to as a double Madonna piercing.

Madonna Lip Piercing

Potential risks

  • The most obvious risk is that of an infection due to the use of non sterilized equipment during the piercing procedure.
  • If the jewelry is not placed correctly it may cause damage to the nerves.
  • Excess saliva may be produced by the salivary glands due to the presence of a foreign object in the person‘s mouth.
  • There are chances that the jewelry may become loose and be swallowed leading to a block in the air passage.
  • There is a possibility of scarring or keloid formation at the site of piercing in people prone to these effects.
  • The metal jewelry may cause gum erosion or may cause the gum to recede because of the constant contact between the metal and the gum.
  • The nerves connected to the teeth are more exposed due to the recession of the gums, leading to sensitive teeth.
  • Due to gum erosion, the jawbone is at the risk of an infection. This may make the teeth lose and change position.
  • In the worst affected cases, the final result may be a loss of the tooth.
  • There may be a risk related to the transmission of herpes simplesx virus and hepatitus B and C in cases when the equipments used, such as needles are not sterilized.

Madonna Piercing Jewelry


  • Special care must be taken on the part of the person who wants to get the Madonna piercing done, to choose a piercing salon that has a good reputation and a clean and hygienic environment to avoid any kind of infection.
  • The salon must provide sterilized and good quality equipment that reduces the chances of infections or other negative after effects that could follow once the piercing is made.
  • The piercing artist hired to make the piercing must be a professional and experienced in his/her job. Using the correct technique during the piercing procedure reduces chances of further complications, considerably.

 Madonna Piercing Pictures


  • The person who wants to get the piercing is asked to rinse their mouth with an anti bacterial solution at the beginning of the procedure.
  • The piercing artist then marks the spot where the piercing is to be made, with the help of a surgical pen.
  • The person who wants the piercing is then consulted after showing them the marked spot, either the marking is adjusted according to the customer’s opinion or if the person obliges with the marked spot the artist proceeds with the procedure.
  • The piercer then clamps the upper lip of the person and a hollow, sterilized needle is then passed through the marked spot and the jewellery is inserted into the piercing.

Madonna Piercing Ring


A Madonna piercing is painful as the area above the lips is very sensitive due the supply of numerous nerves. Pain may be relative in case of different individuals. Those who have thick lips may experience less pain, while a Madonna piercing is more painful for men because they shave regularly, which makes their skin rough and hard. The piercing also causes bleeding.

After care:

Healing time: The usual time taken for a Madonna Piercing to heal is about 8 – 12 weeks. The healing time is subject to change with regard to different individuals because every individual’s body is different and takes different time to repair wounds. Also, the healing time is dependent on the kind of aftercare taken by the individual.

Madonna Piercing Scar

How to avoid infections?

                                DO’s                                      DON’Ts
·       Brush teeth thrice in a day with a mild toothpaste and toothbrush with soft bristles.

·       Use warm saline water to rinse mouth after eating.

·       Check the jewellery at the threaded end regularly, to ensure that it is tight.

·       Avoid intake of recreational drugs, alcohol and refrain from smoking.

·       Do not go swimming or any other places where there are chances of the contaminated water coming into contact with the piercing.

·       Avoid the use top creams and cosmetics around the area of the piercing.

How to clean the piercing?

One must clean the piercing regularly till the wound has healed fully. One must make sure to wash his/her hands before touching the piercing. Applying warm salt water with the help of cotton is advisable while rotating the jewellery. The piercing must be washed while having a bath with anti bacterial soap and under running warm water. Lastly the piercing must be patted dry with a disposable napkin.

Madonna Piercing

Similarity between Madonna piercing and Monroe piercing:

The Monroe piercing is very similar to the Madonna piercing, the only difference being that the Monroe piercing is made on the left side above the upper lip, while the Madonna piercing is made on the right side above the upper lip. The Monroe piercing too has been named after the celebrated Hollywood yester years’ actress Marilyn Monroe. The piercing is an attempt to resemble the beauty spot that the actress had on the left side above the upper lip. Some people may get two piercings done above their upper lip, on either side. This kind of a piercing is termed as a Madonna Monroe piercing.


Curved barbells and labret studs are considered ideal in case of a Madonna piercing. Acrylic or silicone retainers may also be worn in case one wants to hide the piercing. It is advised that the person continues wearing the same jewellery which is inserted at the time of the piercing and opt for changing the jewellery after the wound has healed completely.

Madonna Piercings


Cost of a Madonna piercing ranges between $25 – 80. Cost may differ according to the choice of jewellery that an individual may opt for.

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