Snug Piercing

The world couldn’t be cooler. There are just so many ways to make yourself look better; to enhance yourself and add an element of surprise. Some of these are more painful than the others but as they say, nothing comes without a price. Piercing has been around for a very long time and people are accepting it more these days. You can get it done just about anywhere; the concept is more or less the same but still the name differs according to where it is done and how.

Double Snug Piercing

Snug is basically the region on the outer ear, above anti-tragus. It is shallow area of the cartilage which makes it easy to pierce it. Snug piercing is also called Antihelix piercing and the motive to get this done is to wear jewelry on the ear. The procedure is pretty simple. The first thing the professional does is mark the entry and exit points of the needle with a marker and uses anesthetic injection on the snug so that you don’t feel the pain when the needle pierces your ear. After clearing the area with a disinfectant, actual piercing is carried out – needle penetrates the ear and comes out and jewelry is inserted immediately. Before starting the procedure, one must not hesitate to ask if the needles have been sterilized and if or not they are safe to use. It is very important that you trust the place and the professional; if there is any doubt, walk out.

Snug Piercing Care

One of the major deep concerns when going with the snug piercing is whether is hurts. The truthful answer will be yes, a lot. There is a sharp pain when the needle comes in contact with the ear. Although everyone has different threshold for pain but for those who can’t handle pain, it is a good option to rub some ice on the snug before piercing is done. Mostly, anesthesia is injected so the pain you need to worry about is not of the piercing needle but anesthesia injection.

Snug Piercing Healing Time

Once you have got your ear pierced, odds of your piercing getting infected, migrated or rejected increase if you don’t care for it. You will be required to clean it regularly with saline water to wash the dirt and germs away. An infected ear will be red and inflated while the piercing will discharge water as well. In some cases, extreme ones, pus fills the ear and the best choice will be going to a doctor before the condition deteriorates. Sometimes, the piercing also migrates, which means it moves from its original position and settles somewhere else on the ear. The factors contributing to it are use of a much bigger jewelry than the ear can handle and lack of aftercare. Other than that, your body can also reject the piercing and push the ring out which happens due to improper piercing, lack of care and non-compatibility of jewelry and the skin. It is better to go by the book and follow the manual filled with directions on how to take care of a snug pierced ear.

Snug Curved Barbells Piercing

A snug pierced ear normally takes 8-10 weeks to heal. For it to heal completely, it might require a year or more than a year. It costs around $50 which includes the jewelry. Now, the jewelries come in variety of sizes and shapes and even in different metal. If you really are interested in getting your ear snug pierced, do a lot of research and get as much information as you can. Information never hurts, does it? In such cases, it comes as a boon.

Pictures of Snug Piercing

Snug Ear Piercing

Snug Ear Piercings

Snug Piercings

Faux Snug Piercing

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