Sternum Piercing

You can get just about anything pierced – even you chest. It may seem unbelievable but the fact is true, people are actually getting their sternum perforated. Sternum is the flat bone or breastbone that connects with seven pairs of chest ribs and clavicles. The piercing is done on the sternum vertically or horizontally on the sternum; it is a surface piercing and doesn’t perforate the flesh. Even then, the pain is extreme and it is advised that people with better tolerance of pain should get it done.

About Sternum Piercing

Sternum or chest piercing costs around $50-$90 and the cleavage piercing will take $100-$150 out of your pocket. Generally, the cost depends on the type of jewelry you have picked and where you are getting it done from. But the first thing you need to do is choose the jewelry; piercing will be done after you pick the ornament you want. The surface bar jewelry with two 90 degree bends are preferred usually the titanium ones because they don’t give skin allergies. There are many options and the professional artist can let you know which one is the best. Furthermore, decide on the type of sternum piercing you want – vertical or horizontal. Once you tell him where exactly you want it, he will make the marking for the entry and exit with a pen and swipe the area clean. Immediately after taking the needle off the skin, jewelry is inserted in the holes and the area is cleaned again to avoid infections.

Sternum Piercing  or cleavage piercing Healing time



In order to heal the piercing completely, you will need to take care of it, clean it and keep it safe from infections. With proper aftercare, it will be healed in 4-6 six weeks but the problem arises when the body rejects it or infects the piercing. There are complications involved too and you should be aware of them before going to a studio. The three very common complications are rejection, infection and migration. It is very likely in sternum piercing that the body rejects the piercing and pushes the jewelry out. The causes of rejection could be incompatibility with the metal or lack of care. In other cases, the piercing shifts from its position and settles some place else on the region which is known as migration. But the most common complication is the infection of the area which happens a lot. It may be due to lack of care and cleaning of the pierced area and settling of dirt and germs on it. Bacterial infection reddens the whole area and fills it with pus which discharges water from the pierced region.

Sternum Piercing Aftercare

It is obvious that aftercare and cleaning of the pierced area is a necessity; failing in doing so could have major problems. So, wash the sternum piercing with saline water at least twice a day to avoid any infection. Not only will the infection hurt a lot, it will also make the area look appalling, definitely not something you want. Grill the studio professional about the aftercare and follow his advices. In any case, don’t tug the jewelry or play with it and save it from anything that might injure it. It is much more feasible to go to a professional studio than someone cheap – it might cost a little more but it will be better for your safety.

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