Third Eye Piercing

What is Third Eye Piercing?

The third eye piercing is a perforation made between the eyebrows that is made vertically at the bridge of the nose. This piercing is also be referred to as the ‘bindi’ piercing or vertical bridge piercing or the unicorn piercing.. According to religions like Hinduism and Buddhism the ‘bindi’ (a facial embellishment adorned by women in some Asian countries) or third eye symbolizes enlightenment.

Third Eye Piercing Procedure

People who want a third eye piercing must first find a salon with immense experience in bridge piercing. The experience of the professional piercing artist also matters a lot. The piercing should be placed straight as it is a vertical piercing, whereas the location should be at the exact center of the forehead, if not it may affect the symmetry of the face. To ensure that the piercing is correctly placed, the piercing artist marks the area using a surgical pen. Then using a sterilized needle the jewelry is inserted.

Bindi Piercing
Bindi Piercing Pictures

Third Eye Piercing Risks

In case the region of the piercing does not have excess skin, it may be lead to migration or rejection, resulting in scarring. It is advisable to people who do not have an excess of loose tissues in that particular region as it may lead to damaged bones, muscles and blood vessels of the forehead.

Third Eye Piercing Pain

Pain is relative for different people and getting a third eye piercing is dependent on a number of factors. Firstly, pain depends on the efficiency of the piercing artist. Also, different people have different thresholds. However, generally it is said that this kind of piercing causes lesser pain than the other types.

Third Eye Piercing Jewelry
Third Eye Piercing Pictures

Third Eye Piercing Aftercare

Healing time

The time taken to heal also depends on regular cleaning of the wound and the care taken by the use of piercing aftercare products. This type of piercing can take anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks to completely heal.

How to prevent infections?

  • It is advised to avoid touching the piercing as hands may carry germs
  • One must be careful while changing clothes to ensure that the clothes do not get stuck to the jewelry and cause pain.
  • Care must also be taken while having a bath and to keep loose strands of hair away from the piercing as they may carry germs and cause an infection.
  • Swimming must be avoided till the wound has healed.
  • To ensure fast healing, one must clean the piercing with warm salt water twice daily.
Third Eye Piercing
Third Eye Piercings


It is advisable not to experiment with jewelry, especially the ones that could possibly exert excess pressure on the piercing. Exertion of undue pressure on the piercing could result in further complications and therefore the jewelry such as ball closure rings should be avoided. Jewelry such as surface bass and curved barbells are pretty suitable for this type of piercing.


Cost of a third eye piercing depends on the charges of the salon or the services of the piercing artist that a person may choose. It also depends on the jewelry selected by the person. Usually the cost of getting a third eye piercing is around $60.

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