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Vertical Tragus Piercing or Sideburn Piercing

Piercing is the most common body modification people opt for. It has its own religious beliefs, however, people usually go for their preferred kind of piercing to make a fashion statement. Some chose their ears, nose, belly, ankle, even their genitals. Piercing jewelry is readily available and offers a wide range of options hence, making it easier to choose the piercing location. 

Vertical Tragus Piercing Pictures

What is Vertical Tragus Piercing?

It is among the popular variations of tragus piercing which is done vertically on the edges of the tragus. However, in vertical tragus, piercing is done in the small fold of cartilage and comes out from the same side, rather than the other side. Vertical tragus piercing would suit those who have a well-developed tragus. 

Vertical Tragus Pain

It does hurt more than tragus piercing. Basically, it is because there are two piercings done on the edges of the tragus. As different people have different levels of pain endurance, the pain does vary according to it.

Vertical Tragus Surface Piercing

Vertical Tragus Piercing

Vertical Tragus Piercing Jewelry 

A Curved barbell is commonly used by those who go for this type of tragus piercing. Surface 45’’ and surface 90” is also recommended by some experienced piercers. Due of the curve, not all kinds of jewelry are suitable and there is a chance of injury and infection if it is not selected properly.

Vertical Tragus Piercing Images

Vertical Surface Tragus Piercing

Vertical Tragus Piercing Healing Time 

Generally, it takes around 2 to 3 months for the piercing to completely heal. But it could take much more time if proper care and precautions are not taken during and after piercing.

Vertical Tragus Piercing Aftercare

Vertical tragus piercing is prone to infections if one does not take proper precaution and care. There are certain basic things to keep in mind to avoid any mishap.

  • Clean the pierced area and the surroundings very cautiously and gently with saline water. You could also use warm water with some salt added to it.
  • Do clean your hands thoroughly before and after cleaning the pierced area.
  • Avoid going in the swimming pool at all.
  • Avoid sleeping on the side of the pierced ear till the piercing is healed.
  • Do not take calls from the pierced ear side.

Sideburns Piercings

Vertical Tragus Piercing Cost

It could cost you around $30-$50 if done by a professional piercer.

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