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Wrist Piercing

However small the perforations may seem, getting a piercing done is a pretty big deal. It stays with you, unlike clothes you can’t change it and hence, it is crucial that you think a lot before getting it done. Other than that, there are chances that it will start an infection or your body might reject the foreign element or many other possibilities.

Wrist Surface Piercing

You should be aware of everything before making the final call – about the procedure, the care after the procedure and potential risks involved. People don’t realize it that piercing is also of different types and it depends solely on you to get the best one for you. Surface piercing is mostly preferred by those who don’t want the needle going in too deep – surface of the skin is pierced. Wrist piercing is a kind of body surface piercing which is done on your wrist.
Wrist Piercing

What is Wrist Piercing?

A kind of piercing that is done through the surface of a wrist was initially publicized by Jon Cob. He was a well-known body piercer. It is regarded as one of the least painful piercings among all kinds of surgace piercings.

Wrist Piercing Jewelry

Wrist piercing requires a special kind of jewelry which is made of either Teflon or titanium. Titanium has no nickel content so it is more flexible and minimizes the chances of rejection or infection. Barbells and surface bars work well in wrist piercing whether used for a short time period or a longer one.

Wrist Surface Bars Piercing

Wrist Piercing Pictures

Piercing And Post-Piercing Stage

Frankly, wrist piercing has a lot of risks of infection, rejection and migration. It is how it is – if you don’t get it pierced from a professional with experience and if you don’t take care of your pierced wrist, it will get bad.

How to do wrist piercing? – Preparations

First of all, don’t go to the first studio you found on the internet. Do some research, ask your friends for a recommendation and meet the person personally. When you get an appointment, make sure you’re on time and be prepared to ask a few questions about the procedure and its aftercare.

Wrist Piercing Costs

Charges of getting it done will depend on the studio – a big studio will obviously be expensive but then they will give you their best services. It can cost you anything from $60 to $100.

Wrist Piercing Photos

Wrist Piercing Pain

As for the pain, your body will get holes in it – it is going to be painful. But it is much less as compared to the other piercings because the wrist is actually not that sensitive at all. Still, if you can’t endure pain even a bit, this is not for you. You have to choose jewelry beforehand and then the procedure will take place.

Wrist Piercing Process

Like it is done in any other piercing, the area around your wrist will be disinfected and cleaned thoroughly after all the hair around is shaved. The area where you want the piercing will be marked with the entry and exit spot and the needle will be inserted. Once that is done, the jewelry can be introduced.

Wrist Piercing Images

Wrist Piercing Barbell

Do’s & Don’ts of Wrist Piercing

Most of the studio professionals inform you about the do’s and don’ts. The primary idea is to make you aware of the common Wrist piercing infection and complications. There is a very good reason why they give you a pamphlet – to make you understand how important it is to take care of your wrist after it has been pierced.

  • Prefer short sleeve clothing and avoid contact with any clothing
  • You may use mild soap for cleaning the pierced area while taking shower
  • Make sure the pierced spot is cleaned using a sterlized cotton ball. The cotton should be dipped in warm water with salt dissolved in it. This should be done at least twice a day.
  • Accessories like bracelets, wristwatches, or bangles should ne avoided as well.
  • Limit the movement around the piercing
  • No lotions, ointments, creams or any kind of cosmetics should be applied

Wrist Piercing Aftercare

Saltwater solutions are usually recommended to clean the wound and antiseptics are just as much effective. Other than that, you should never play around with the jewelry or cause any unnecessary contact. Because wrist is used well and often, the piercing gets disturbed and get migrated or rejected by the body. The process is difficult, calculated and precise – you should not try this at home. Ever. Wrist piercing healing time usually ranges between 4-7 months.

Wrist Diamond Piercing

A common variation of wrist piercing is wrist dermal or micro dermal piercing.

Dermal Wrist Piercing

Dermal Wrist Piercing

Piercing on Wrist

Microdermal Wrist Piercing

Microdermal Wrist Piercing

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