Anti Tragus Piercing

What is Anti Tragus Piercing?

Anti-tragus is another unique form of ear piercing where the inner ear cartilage is pierced adjacent to the lobe and tragus. It does not suit everyone, but those who have an overlap or more skin in the inward part of the ear would be more comfortable.


Select an experienced piercer or a popular piercing studio. The piercer will clean the area and mark both the entry and exit points. He will use a permanent marker to do this. After this, a hollow needle is inserted through the cartilage, and the jewelry is fixed.

How bad does an Anti-tragus piercing hurt?

Since it pierces the cartilage, it is quite painful for some. Also, bleeding is minimal and subsides after a few hours. Redness and swelling are something which is common while piercing.


With proper precautionary steps and know-how, you can easily avoid infections. There are some basic measures to be taken to avoid any unwanted scenarios.

  • Always wash your hands before touching the pierced region
  • Clean the area twice daily with warm saline water
  • Avoid going in the swimming pool as micro-organisms present in it might cause infections
  • Avoid giving any kind of pressure on the pierced ear, i.e. sleep on the opposite side and do not answer the phone from the concerned side
  • Do not exert too much pressure while cleaning the pierced area, always do it with soft hands
  • Do not remove the ring till the area heals completely
Anti Tragus Piercing Jewellery
Anti Tragus Piercing Jewellery


The symptoms of infection are excessive redness or discharge of yellow puss from the piercing. Choose your jewelry smartly because infections can result from jewelry rejections too. Complications such as swelling, pus discharge or redness is a possibility if careless handling or improper aftercare. This eventually leads to migration or rejection. However, the rate of migration is quite low for this kind of piercing.


It might take a bit more time to heal, i.e. 9 to 12 months.

Piercing Jewelry 

There are certain limitations when it comes to choosing the type of jewelry or earrings because of the upside-down nature. The barbell is the most preferred one for an anti-tragus piercing. Wearing micro jewelry could facilitate the healing process to be much quicker.

Different types of Anti-Tragus Piercing pictures
Anti Tragus Piercing Photos | Rook and Anti Tragus Piercing


The cost is something around $40-$50 when done by an experienced professional.


Double Anti tragus piercing is a variation where the piercing is down twice in the cartilage.

Anti Tragus piercing styles images
Snug and Anti Tragus Piercing | Anti Tragus Piercing Jewelry | Anti Tragus Piercing Pictures

Anti-Tragus Piercing Video

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