Micro Dermal Piercings Nape

Micro Dermal Piercing


What is a Microdermal piercing? Microdermal piercing is a single point piercing that lies on any flat surface of the body, but they are not […]

Double Ear Piercing


What is Double Ear Piercing? Two piercings in any part of the ear which is connected by a jewelry are referred to as Double Ear […]

Madison Piercing


What is Madison piercing? Madison piercing is a style of neck piercing where the front part of the neck is perforated in between the collar […]

Industrial Piercing


What is an Industrial Piercing? Industrial Piercing is a form of an ear or a cartilage piercing involving a pair of perforation connected by one […]

Tongue Piercing


What is Tongue Piercing? It is an oral piercing on the tongue either in the center or at its edges. The history dates back to […]

Nose Piercing


What is nose piercing? Perforation on the cartilage tissue of the nose is called a Nose piercing. It is a part of convention and tradition […]

Back Dimple Piercing


What are Back Dimple Piercing or Back Piercing? Dimples are a formation on cheeks. Then you must be wondering what does back dimple mean? Back […]

Cyber Bite Piercing


What is Cyber Bite Piercing? Cyber Bites are a pair of piercings one on the groove of the upper lip and another at the bottom […]