Pierced Smiley

Smiley Piercing

  Thinking of getting a piercing this festive season? If yes, go for something unique & extraordinary. Ear piercings and nose piercings are too common. Ever heard of Smiley Piercing? It doesn’t just sound cool, it looks equally smart. We’ll walk through this piercing style. Now, it is your body and you should be very […]

Triple Helix Piercing

Helix Piercing

What is a helix piercing? Piercing is not bound to any one of the sexes – both men and women can enjoy piercing. The most favorite part has been the ear; it has been popular in many parts of the world and even today people get their ears, noses, and helix pierced to wear jewelry. […]

Hip Piercing with Tattoo

Hip Piercing or Hip Dermal Piercing

Not everyone gets the point of enduring pain to stick a piece of jewelry in their body. It is not everybody’s cup of tea. Those who get piercings do it for the sheer love of it. It seems unlikely to some but they have their own reasons. As they say, to each his own. Anyway, […]

Lip Piercing Ring

Lip Piercing

What is Lip piercing? Body art is growing more and more popular among the youth. A simple reason is that everyone wants to be different and to stand out in the crowd, they are getting creative. Considering getting a lip piercing? Well, you need to do a lot more than just thinking. Any alteration to your […]

Nape of Neck Piercing

Nape Piercing

What is Nape Piercing? A long time ago, there was the man and his enemies but no technologically advanced weapon. In those hard days, the man would pierce his body to appear creepy and scare them away. People get piercing today not to frighten people but to invite them in. As is seen, piercing is […]

Septum Piercing Guy

Septum Piercing

There is no doubting the fact that piercing hurts. For some, the pain is more than others; all depends on how much you can take. Nonetheless, people get it done all the time. Pain or not, it is still very popular with everyone, especially the youngsters. But it is an advice that you research the […]

Snug Piercing

Snug Piercing

The world couldn’t be cooler. There are just so many ways to make yourself look better; to enhance yourself and add an element of surprise. Some of these are more painful than the others but as they say, nothing comes without a price. Piercing has been around for a very long time and people are […]

Horizontal Sternum Piercing

Sternum Piercing

What is sternum piercing? You can get just about anything pierced – even your chest. It may seem unbelievable but the fact is true, people are actually getting their sternum perforated. The sternum is the flat bone or breastbone that connects with seven pairs of chest ribs and clavicles. The piercing is done on the […]

Surface Piercing Lip

Surface Piercing

What is surface piercing? Piercing is really innovative and trendy these days. Naturally, it is done to allow the people to wear jewelry but there are many options even with the perforations. The surface piercing is popular amongst those who don’t want the piercing to go deep into their skin. As is obvious by the […]

Vertical Medusa Piercing

Medusa Piercing (Philtrum Piercing)

What is a medusa piercing? Medusa piercing also known as cupid’s bow piercing is the perforation of the philtrum. The piercing is made on the dip above the upper lip. The location is directly below the septum of the nose. The piercing is also known as the philtrum piercing. Medusa jewelry Piercing above lip   Method First […]