Barbell Piercing

What is Barbell Piercing?

The barbell is a small straight bar with a bead on each end. One is fixed on the bar whereas the other is removable.  A piercing that gets the barbell to embellish gets its name as Barbell piercing. The ‘Barbell’ derives its name from the dumbbell used in weightlifting. It comes in two shapes, i.e. Straight barbells and Curved barbells (Circular and Horse-shoe barbells).

Types of Barbells

  • Internally Threaded Barbells

    The bars which have threads on the inner surface of the hollow piece are known as internally threaded barbells. They are a bit costlier than externally curved barbells due to the complexity of the threading procedure.

  • Externally Threaded Barbells

    The barbells that have a thread on the outer surface of the solid bar is known as externally threaded barbells. Externally threaded barbells generally have step-down threading.

Tongue Ring Sizes (Barbells)

Barbell choices for Different Types of Piercings

Diverse barbells are suitable to wear for different kinds of piercings. Like a straight barbell goes well with Industrial piercings and Surface piercings. On the other hand, curved barbells mostly suit Bridge piercings or septum piercings broadly the areas having curvatures. Eyebrow piercing adorns curved barbells too.

Ball Piercing

Material of Barbells

Barbells can be of different metals depending on their demand and popularity. Rose gold, surgical steel, gold barbell, Bio-flex barbell, Titanium barbells, and Zircon barbells are usually the typical choices. Nowadays there are new options in the market such as Teflon barbells, bio-plastic and acrylic which are in trend.

Barbell ear piercing

Cost of different barbells

The price of barbells can vary from $3 to $49 depending on the material of the jewelry. The piercing cost varies with the complexity in the procedure, the area of piercing and the piercing parlor.

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