Horizontal Tongue Piercing

Snake Eyes Piercing or Horizontal Tongue Piercing

What is Snake Eyes or Snake bite tongue Piercing? Snake Eyes or Snake bite tongue Piercing is placed horizontally on both sides of the tongue symmetrical to each other and is a Horizontal tongue piercing. Snake eyes piercing is also popular as Venom piercing, snake tongue piercing, snake bite tongue piercing, double tongue piercing or […]

Snake Bites Piercings Pictures

Snakebite Piercing

What is Snakebite Piercing? Snakebite Piercing is a pair of piercing on the lower lip on its either side. The piercing got its name from its resemblance to snake bite or fangs. This form of piercing is not only unusual but looks trendy and incredibly hot. Not only girls but guys also find this piercing […]

Bottom Lip Piercing Images

Labret Piercing or Bottom Lip Piercing

What is Labret piercing? The labret is one form of body piercing. It is usually on the lower lip and therefore called as Bottom lip piercing or Under lip piercing. It is also sometimes referred to as ‘tongue pillar’ or ‘soul patch’ piercing. Although the history of labret piercing is unknown, it is believed to […]

Anti-Eyebrow Piercing

What is Anti-Eyebrow Piercing? An anti-eyebrow is a facial piercing that is above the cheekbone or at the same distance below the eyes. This piercing is also known as upper cheek piercing, butterfly kiss piercing, crow’s feet or teardrop piercing. It adopts the process of micro needling of the skin and hence also termed as micro […]

Monroe Piercing

Monroe Piercing

What is a Monroe piercing? Monroe piercing is a type of lip piercing on the left side of the upper lip. It derives its name from Marilyn Monroe’s beauty spot and therefore is famous as Marilyn Monroe Piercing. When these piercings combine with the Madonna piercing, then they are collectively called as Angel bite piercing. […]

Nose Piercing Pictures

Nose Piercing

What is nose piercing? Perforation on the cartilage tissue of the nose is called a Nose piercing. It is a part of convention and tradition in the East. Bedouins, Beja, and Berber tribes of the Middle East and Africa are noted to have these piercings since ages. An individual whose attitude and spirit is untamed […]

Double Nose Piercing

Double Nose Piercing or Double Nostril Piercing

What is Double Nose Piercing? Double Nose Piercing forms most updated look especially in the fashion industry equally liked by both male and female irrespective of their sexes. It is a bolder, daring and a good option for those who want to seek attention, as it brings symmetry to nose piercings if it is on […]

Eyebrow Piercing Pictures

Eyebrow Piercing

What is Eyebrow piercing? Eyebrow piercing is a vertical or horizontal surface piercing near or on the eyebrow. Punk Subculture introduced it in the 1970s as a fashion statement. From Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie to Korn front-man Jonathan Davis there are several musicians and even actors who have this piercing. Procedure for an Eyebrow […]

Shark Bites Piercing Pictures

Shark Bite Piercing

What is Shark bite piercing? Shark bite piercing is relatively a new type of piercing which is done on both sides of the lower lip. It highlights the smile. Popular among youngsters, these piercings look trendy and cool. Sometimes it is also known as double snake bite piercing or simply double lip piercing. Procedure Opt for […]

Chin Piercings

Chin Piercing

What is Chin Piercing? Chin piercing sometimes known as Labret piercing is very much in trend. It is called as Labret piercing because it starts from your lower lip that is Labia. It is a kind of body piercing where the perforation takes place on the flesh of your chin, and insertion of a hoop […]