Dermal Chest Piercing

Chest Piercing


What is Chest piercing? As clear with name Chest piercings are dermal piercings just above the sternum or chest area. They are thus also known […]

Finger Piercing


What are Finger-Piercings? A ring for a finger is a general thing that is common to all. Piercing finger to adorn jewelry on the skin […]

Gothic Piercing


Goths-Style & Fashion Goth is a term used for the East Germanic people. The two branches of this culture are Visigoths and Ostrogoths. Before the […]

Dermal Piercing


What is Dermal Piercing? Unlike nose and earlobe piercing, Dermal Piercing involves the process where a part of the stud or ring engraves inside the skin. […]

Nape Piercing


What is Nape Piercing? A long time ago, there was the man and his enemies but no technologically advanced weapon. In those hard days, the […]

Septum Piercing


There is no doubting the fact that piercing hurts. For some, the pain is more than others; all depends on how much you can take. […]

Sternum Piercing


What is sternum piercing? You can get just about anything pierced – even your chest. It may seem unbelievable but the fact is true, people […]

Surface Piercing


What is surface piercing? Piercing is really innovative and trendy these days. Naturally, it is done to allow the people to wear jewelry but there […]

Madonna Piercing


What is Madonna piercing? Inspired by the famous singer Madonna, this piercing generally locates above the right side of the upper lip. The piercing is […]