Double Belly Button Piercing or Double Belly Piercing

A Double Belly Button Piercing involves two piercings around the navel area.

This style typically includes one piercing above and one below the belly button and creates a symmetrical and balanced aesthetic. It’s a versatile option that allows for various jewelry combinations, from matching pieces to contrasting styles, adding a unique flair to the traditional navel piercing.

The meaning of a Double Belly Button Piercing can vary from person to person. For some, it’s a way to enhance the natural beauty of the navel area. And, for others, it may represent a deeper personal significance, such as a milestone or a form of self-expression.

This piercing is particularly popular among those who enjoy body art and wish to make a bold fashion statement.

Double Belly Button Piercing Pictures
Double Belly Button Piercing Pictures

The Complete Procedure for Double Belly Button Piercing

Here’s a snapshot of what to expect from the procedure of double belly button piercing.

Consultation and Decision: The adventure begins with a consultation. This is where you discuss with your piercer the placement of the piercings, either above and below the navel or both above, and choose the jewelry that will best suit your style and anatomy.

Preparation and Cleanliness: The area around your navel is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, ensuring a sterile environment for the piercing procedure. This step is crucial for minimizing the risk of infection.

Marking the Spot: Precision is key. The piercer carefully marks the locations for the piercings, ensuring symmetry and the perfect placement for your body’s shape.

The Piercing Process: With expertise and precision, the piercer performs the piercings, typically using a hollow needle. You’ll feel a sharp sensation, but it’s usually quick. The two piercings might be done consecutively to ensure the procedure is as swift and smooth as possible.

Inserting the Jewelry: Once the piercings are made, the chosen jewelry – usually curved barbells – is inserted. This jewelry isn’t just decorative; it’s the pivotal part of your new look.


Healing Process and Aftercare of Double Belly Button Piercing

The healing time for a Double Belly Button Piercing can vary, typically taking anywhere from 6 to 12 months to fully heal. This period can be longer than a single belly button piercing due to the presence of two wounds that need to heal.

Healing Process and Aftercare Steps:

  • Clean each piercing at least twice a day with a saline solution. This helps to prevent infections and promotes healthy healing. Avoid using harsh soaps or chemicals directly on the piercings.
  • Be cautious with clothing choices; tight or abrasive clothing can irritate the piercings. Opt for loose, soft fabrics that don’t rub against the piercing.
  • Limit activities that might stress the area, such as certain exercises or sports, especially in the first few weeks after piercing.
  • Try to sleep in a position that avoids putting pressure on the piercings, such as sleeping on your back.
  • Stay away from swimming pools, hot tubs, and natural bodies of water during the initial healing phase, as they can contain bacteria that may infect the piercing.
  • Check symptoms like increased redness, swelling, unusual pain, or discharge. If these symptoms occur, consult a healthcare professional.
Vertical Belly Button Piercing Pictures
Vertical Belly Button Piercing Pictures

Is There Any Variety of Double Belly Button Piercing?

You can try a double belly button piercing in different ways as follows.

Standard Double Belly Button Piercing

The Standard Double Belly Button Piercing involves two piercings, one above and one below the navel. This symmetrical approach creates a harmonious and balanced look.

Typically, curved barbells are used for both piercings, but there’s room for customization with various jewelry designs, such as gem-encrusted barbells or simple metallic studs.

This style is ideal for those who prefer a classic and elegant look, offering a subtle yet noticeable enhancement to the belly area.

Mixed Jewelry Double Belly Button Piercing

For a more eclectic and personalized style, the Mixed Jewelry Double Belly Button Piercing allows for different types of jewelry in each piercing.

You might choose a dangling charm for the lower piercing and a simple stud for the upper, or vice versa. This variation is perfect for those who love to mix and match their accessories and enjoy a less conventional look.

The key is to select jewelry that complements each other and suits the curvature of your navel, ensuring both comfort and style.

Reverse Double Belly Button Piercing

The Reverse Double Belly Button Piercing is a unique take on the standard double piercing, where both piercings are positioned above the navel, one closer to the navel and the other slightly higher.

This style is particularly suited for those with smaller navels or who prefer a more concentrated cluster of jewelry at the top of the belly button. The choice of jewelry can range from subtle to bold, depending on personal preference, and should be chosen to ensure it sits comfortably against the body.

Is Double Belly Button Piercing More Painful? Is It Riskier?

Double Belly Button Piercing can be perceived as more painful than a single navel piercing, 

primarily because it involves two procedures in one session. The level of pain experienced will vary from person to person, depending on individual pain tolerance.

As for the risks, they are somewhat increased with double piercings. There’s a higher chance of infection, as two wounds need to heal. The risk of irritation or rejection is also greater, especially if the piercings are not spaced properly or if aftercare instructions are not diligently followed. 

Additionally, healing times may be longer, and the piercings require careful maintenance.

Which Materials Are Used for Double Belly Button Piercing Jewelry

Here are some of the best materials to consider for double belly button piercing jewelry.

Surgical Stainless Steel: This is one of the most commonly used materials for initial piercings. It’s hypoallergenic and resistant to corrosion, making it a safe choice for those with sensitive skin.

Titanium: Highly recommended for its biocompatibility, titanium is lightweight and less likely to cause allergic reactions. It’s especially suitable for people with metal sensitivities or allergies.

Niobium: Similar to titanium, niobium is also hypoallergenic and a great option for new piercings. It’s slightly heavier than titanium but can be anodized to create various colors.

Gold: If opting for gold, make sure it’s at least 14k and nickel-free to avoid skin irritation. Gold is a good option for healed piercings but might not be the best choice for new ones, especially for those with metal allergies.

PTFE or Bioplast: These flexible materials are ideal for those who have had reactions to metal jewelry in the past. They’re also comfortable to wear and can reduce pressure on the piercing, which is beneficial during the healing process.

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Is Double Belly Button Piercing More Expensive?

Yes, this piercing can be more expensive than a single navel piercing due to several factors. On average, in the UK, you might expect the price to range from about £40 to £80.

Speaking of the factors affecting overall expenses, firstly, you are essentially getting two piercings, which means the cost will naturally be higher than just one. The total price includes the service for both piercings and the jewelry for each.

Additionally, the cost may vary based on the choice of jewelry. If you opt for high-quality or custom-designed pieces, the price will increase accordingly. The expertise of the piercer and the location of the studio also play a role in determining the cost. Experienced piercers in upscale areas or major cities tend to charge more.

While a Double Belly Button Piercing might be more of an investment compared to a single piercing, it’s important to consider the value of professional service and quality jewelry, as these factors are crucial for the success and safety of the piercing process.

Jewellery Options for A Double Belly Button Piercing

For Double Bottom Belly Button Piercings, selecting suitable jewelry is key to both the piercing’s appearance and comfort. Here are some options that work well:

Curved Barbells: These are ideal for bottom belly button piercings due to their shape that complements the body’s contour. They can come in various lengths and styles, with decorative ends like gems or balls.

Dangling Jewelry: For the lower piercing, dangling pieces can add a dynamic, eye-catching element. These can feature charms, stones, or intricate designs.

Mini Barbells or Studs: For a subtler look, especially for the upper piercing, small barbells or studs are a great choice. They can be simple or have small gemstones.

Titanium or Surgical Steel: Both materials are hypoallergenic and ideal for new piercings, reducing the risk of allergic reactions or infections.

Biocompatible Materials: Options like bioplast or PTFE are flexible and comfortable, especially during the initial healing period.

Gold Jewelry: If opting for gold, ensure it’s at least 14k and nickel-free, to minimize the risk of skin irritation. Gold is suitable for healed piercings but should be chosen with care for new ones.

Wrapping Up

Therefore, Double Belly Button Piercing is a stylish and unique body modification that involves two piercings around the navel area.

With a variety of jewelry styles available, it allows for personal expression and can be tailored to individual tastes. The procedure requires skilled piercing techniques, and the healing process can take up to a year, demanding diligent aftercare.

While potentially more expensive than a single piercing, its striking appeal and customization options make it a popular choice for those looking to enhance their body art.

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