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Goth is a term used for the East Germanic people. The two branches of this culture are Visigoths and Ostrogoths. Before the Huns invasion, Goths used to produce jewelry, vessels, and decorative items influenced by Roman and Greek craftsman. Since then they developed a unique style and fashion trend. Many people nowadays who aren’t even Goths are following the inline way of dressing and styling. Black is the characteristic color of Goths. Looking from head to toe you will find them dressed in black, from their headgear to their lacy jewelry, hairs, lips everything is stark black in appearance. Gothic tattoos and piercing are praxis.

gothic lip piercings
Gothic Lip Piercings

Gothic Piercing v/s Other Piercings

When it comes to piercings, there is not much difference, but the thing that makes it different is the overall look that accompanies the piercing. As black color characterizes the Gothic look, so when the piercings compliment the Gothic look, it comes out as Gothic piercings.

Types of Gothic Piercings

There are different types depending on the area its done on. It can be:

  • Gothic lip piercing
  • Eye piercing
  • Nose piercing
  • Ear piercing

The thing that makes Gothic piercing different is the jewelry or adornment that you wear and the one who wears it.

Gothic Ear Piercing
Gothic Ear Piercing

Ear Tunnel Piercing

It possibly can be the most enduring and favorite of piercings among Goths. Ear tunnel is also sometimes called as the flesh tunnel because the part of ear flesh stretches giving an impression of a tunnel-like structure.

Firstly, you will have a regular punch, and then with the help of a taper, your ear will stretch in the required length. The taper is usually the shark tooth type looking instrument. The narrow end is inserted and pushed through the ear.

Bridge Piercing

It is the second most common type that goes right through the nose sitting at the very top of it between the eyes. There are two ways of doing this piercing.

Eye and Lip Piercing

A Gothic woman with an eye and lip piercing is a common sight. Although it is a common piercing yet the look that she wears promotes it to the Gothic level.

Gothic Nose Piercing

The size and design of studs which Goths usually wear stands out of the crowd and makes it all different from others. They wear studs in a way that it can even come out of the mouth.

Gothic Ear Piercings
Gothic Ear Piercings

Dragon Ear Piercing

Favorites among Goths is the Dragon earpiece that covers nearly whole of the earlobe. It is undoubtedly a masterpiece in artistic terms. It can either sit in one punch grabbing the earlobe at the top or may need multiple perforations to let it be in place. All depends on the design of the ornament.

Corset Piercing

It is ideally the Gothic style to wear a corset resembling the belt of several piercings around the waist or the arm. Several small studs embellish the Corset piercings.


  • Do not scratch the area of the piercing
  • Wash the area with saline water to avoid infections
  • Use clean towels to wipe the piercings
  • Lubrication with the help of oil or ointment reduces the chances of contamination

Ornament & jewelry

gothic piercing jewelry
gothic piercing jewelry

Goths are famous for their style and what makes their style unique is the way they adorn themselves. Adornments play a significant role in their styling. Apart from metallic, they also like to wear black lacy jewelry. They also love to wear slings and heavy metallic ornaments or numerous small studded close together. The black color eyeliner or the lip color complements the look. So, if you wish to wear the Gothic look, you need to be specific with your experiment.


Gothic piercing prices may vary depending on the type of piercing and its number. A corset piercing can cost more than a Labret piercing. It starts from $40 and can reach up to $200.

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