High Nostril Piercing

What is high nostril piercing?

High nostril piercing or double nose piercing refers to a perforation that is usually higher than the normal piercing on the nostril. It is a piercing that is located on the nose bridge on one side of the nose or on both sides of the nose.

High Nostril Piercing
High Nostril Piercing

Method of high nostril piercing

High nostril piercing is a bit different from the usual nose piercing. The area is wiped. A surgical pen is used to mark the spot at which the customer wants the piercing. A sterilized needle is used along with a receiving tube to make the perforation and the jewelry of the customer’s choice is inserted. The size of the needle may vary but usually, it is an 18 gauge needle. Most often a caliper is also used to bend the jewelry while making a high nostril piercing because the area where the piercing is to be made is thicker than the other regions.


Pain is expected in case of a high nostril piercing. Since the area for the piercing is thick, the perforation will have to be made through the thick layer. In such a case pain in obvious and the degree of pain is at a higher degree than in case of other piercings because of the same reason. Again pain is an experience that is different for different people because the amount of pain one can bear is different from others.

Risks related to high nostril piercing

  • Infection 

The most common danger related to any kind of piercing is an infection. The bacteria known as staphylococcus is very commonly found in the nasal mucosa, hence making the area extremely susceptible to infections. In order to avoid such a condition, people have to undergo vigorous treatments with antibiotics.

  • Bleeding from the septum

The area of skin and cartilage that separates the two nostrils is called the septum. Bleeding and bleeding from the septum are called a septal hematoma. It is usually caused in cases of high nasal piercing. Nasal congestion, pain, swelling, and difficulty in breathing are signs of a septal hematoma.

  • Jewelry aspiration and migration

Another common danger associated with nasal piercing are the chances of the nasal jewelry being swallowed or aspirated through the nasal cavity. The jewelry may also move further away from the original position. Also, chances are that the jewelry may be pulled out, resulting in the jewel getting embedded in the nasal wall. In such a case the jewel has to be removed through surgery.

  • Affects the perichondritis of nasal wall 

 Perichondritis is the thick membrane of connective tissues that form wrapping around most of the cartilages in the body. Nasal piercings often come with the risk of inflammation of the perichondritis.

  • Necrosis of the nasal wall

Necrosis is the death of living cells. Both the lateral walls of the nasal wall may be affected by necrosis in case of a high nasal piercing.


Healing time

A high nostril piercing is made at a region that is thicker than the other areas for nose piercings. Hence, it takes comparatively more time to heal. Unlike other nose piercings, the usual time taken for a high nostril piercing to heal is about 4-6 months. Healing also depends on how fast a person’s body repairs its wounds internally. Also, proper care should be taken to ensure faster healing.

How to avoid infections?

It is important to clean the area twice daily. Before cleaning the area one must make sure to sanitize his/her hands properly. This is done to avoid the spread of bacteria. Lathering an antibacterial soap around the pierced area and rinsing with lukewarm water is the first step while cleaning the piercing.

Make a saline solution consisting of sea salt and warm water. The solution should be dabbed using a cotton bud inside and outside the area. Then the area should be rinsed properly and dried with the help of a tissue or towel.

                                DOs                             DON’Ts
  •  Avoid using make up and beauty products.
  •  Ensure that the punctured area is healed completely before changing the jewelry.
  •  Store saline water, which is used for cleaning the wound; in the fridge.
  •  Use aftercare swabs and sprays to help the wound heal.
  •  Touch the pierced area with dirty hands, to avoid spread of bacteria and further infestation of the infection.
  •  Over-clean the area.
  • Use any medication or ointment without consulting a doctor as the wrong medication can cause the healing process to slow down and may also leave back scars.
  • Go swimming, as bacteria may come into contact with the wound.

 How to treat infections?

Normally a high nostril piercing may cause swelling, redness and pain for about 10- 15 days. But in case the condition worsens one must take the necessary steps to cure the infection. Sometimes, the pierced area develops a bump which usually contains pus. Consulting a doctor is necessary. One must also apply warm compress to the area. Also, a bag of chamomile green tea can be used as compress which helps to soothe the pain and improves blood circulation.


High Nostril Piercing Pictures
High Nostril Piercing Jewelry

For this piercing extra care must be taken while choosing the jewellery. Since the most common size of the needle used for the piercing is 18 gauge, the most common size for the jewelry suggested by the piercer will be about 20 gauge. But this decision might change when the piercer makes decisions based on the nose of the person, the spot where the customer wants the piercing, etc.


Usually, the cost of getting a high nostril piercing ranges between $50-80. But the cost is subject to change with regard to the charges of the piercing parlour and the piercing artist hired for the purpose. The cost also depends on the kind of jewellery one chooses as well as the after care products that are purchased to help in the healing of the piercing.

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