What is an Industrial Piercing?

Industrial Piercing is a form of an ear or a cartilage piercing involving a pair of perforation connected by one jewelry. Famous with names such as Construction or Scaffold piercings, they have one perforation on the helix region and the other on the forward helix. These piercings were popularized and thus named by Erik Dakota in the early nineties. The first reference was in Body Play Magazine. The orientation can either be horizontal or vertical and named accordingly as Vertical Industrial piercing and Horizontal Industrial piercing.

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Fake Industrial Piercing earrings
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Industrial Piercing Procedure 

The piercings should be carried out in a clean and disinfected environment equipped with sterile tools and instruments. Visit a parlor which meets the standard to avoid any future complications. The expert will clean the area using an antibacterial liquid and then mark the two points for upcoming perforations. He’ll then by using a hollow needle make the puncture on the markings. Lastly, placement of a straight barbell will take place.

Cute Industrial Piercing

Barbell ear piercing

Pain Experience

Do Industrial Piercings hurt?

The answer is, Yes! It does. As this is a double piercing, the pain is likely to be more than a single punch. People who undergo this piercing reports that the pain experienced while making the first hole is more in comparison to that of the second one.

The pain in the cartilage area is more than in the earlobe as the needle enters tougher and a thicker tissue. So this undoubtedly will hurt more. The initial twinge will last for a minute or two and can ache while sleeping.

Industrial Piercing Healing Time

Complete recovery of the wound may take from 6 to 8 months. However, the intense pain can go down within a month. It is advisable not to change the jewelry before complete repair of tissue.

Recovery can take more time in case the area gets an infection or is hit by germs. Essential aftercare needs to be followed to prevent infectivity and other complications.

Double Industrial
Double Industrial Piercing

Aftercare: Do’s & Don’ts


  • Clean the area twice or thrice daily.
  • Touch the perforations with clean hands.
  • Apply a warm compress using a chamomile tea bag.
  • Dab the area with a cotton swab soaked in sea salt solution.
  • Apply dilute tea tree oil.


  • Play with or remove the jewelry.
  • Prevent it from injuries while wearing or taking off clothes.
  • Tangling and hairs are clinging to the jewelry piece.
  • Use of hairspray or hair color and bleach.
  • Go for swimming in public pools.
Industrial Piercing Men

How to identify an infection and Cure it?

  • Uncomfortable swelling
  • Persistent heat and warmth in the region.
  • Severe pain
  • Discharge of blood and Pus.
  • Bump on the piercing site.
  • Fever

The above conditions can be an indication of an infected Industrial piercing.

How to clean Industrial Piercing?

To prevent or even infections, take care of the cleanliness. Make sure the towels and pillow covers are tidy. Do not let the pus and blood to accumulate in and around the area. Remove the clogs using cotton and wash it with a warm saline solution. See a doctor if symptoms persist and follow his prescriptions.

Bar Ear Piercing
Industrial earrings
industrial bar piercing
Industrial Bar Piercing or Cartilage Bar Piercing

Jewelry for Industrial Ear piercing

Industrial piercings are best with straight barbells. Certain modifications in barbell are also available nowadays. Lifeline heartbeat, snake charmer, stone embedding barbells, etc. look good.

The material suitable for barbells is stainless steel, rose gold, gold, white gold, or sterling silver.

The size of the barbell is usually long due to the gap between the two holes. The distance can vary, so they come in different lengths. The earrings can be with beads on them or spikes on either side. The combinations are also available.

Cost of Industrial piercing

As a very base average, the industrial bar piercing cost can be from $40-$70. The price can vary with the charges of material and jewelry size. It also depends on the location and popularity of the salon.

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