What is Vertical labret piercing?

The vertical labret piercing or middle bottom lip piercing is a perforation on the lower lips. The piercing starts at the top of the bottom lip and without entering the mouth it ends at the bottom of the lower lip. It is one of the many variations that come under the category of the lower lip piercing.

Vertical Labret Piercing
Vertical Labret Piercing


  • Choose an experienced piercing artist
  • Choose a salon that has a clean and hygienic environment to avoid infections
  • Discuss the procedure to ensure application of the correct method to avoid complications
  • Make sure the equipment used are sterilized
  • Choose the jewelry wisely so that it is comfortable enough to be worn


  • Damage caused to teeth because of poor placement
  • Damage to gums and recession of gums due to poor placement
  • If the piercing is stretched it may never close completely
Vertical Labret Piercings
Vertical Labret Piercings
Inverse Vertical Labret Piercing
Inverse Vertical Labret Piercing


  • Rinse the mouth with an anti-bacterial mouthwash
  • Clean the lower lip with an antiseptic solution
  • Piercing area will be marked with a surgical pen
  • Hold the lips steady with the help of a clamp
  • Perforation is made using a hollow 16 gauge needle
  • Jewelry is also inserted at the same time


The pain is like the usual pain that occurs in case of any kind of piercing subject to the pain bearing capacity of an individual.

Aftercare: Vertical labret piercing

Healing time

Time taken to heal depends on how fast the body is able to repair itself. Hence, healing time varies from a person to another. However, the usual time taken is about 8-10 weeks.

Labret Vertical Piercing
Labret Vertical Piercing

Vertical Labret Piercing Jewelry

How to take care of the piercing?

                                         DOs                                       DON’Ts
  • While bathing use a mild soap to rinse
  • Clean hands before touching the piercing
  • Be careful while brushing teeth and cleaning the mouth
  • Clean the piercing with a warm salt solution
  • Eat carefully and have mild food
  • Do not go swimming
  • Don’t drink alcohol or smoke
  • Do not touch the piercing with dirty hands
  • Don’t change the jewelry till it has healed
  • Avoid the use of lipsticks, ointments or other products
  • Avoid spicy and sticky food

Signs of Infection

Signs such as redness and itching are common during the healing process. Other than that the person must check if there is swelling, discharge of pus and extreme pain as they are signs of an infection. In such cases, consult a doctor and medicate accordingly.

Vertical Labret Piercing Pictures
Vertical Labret Piercing Pictures
Side Vertical Labret Piercing
Side Vertical Labret Piercing
Vertical Labret Lip Piercing
Vertical Labret Lip Piercing

Jewelry for Vertical Labret Piercing

Various kinds of jewelry such as the straight barbell, labret studs, bars, and rings are apt for vertical labret piercing. But curved barbell is the best option. The person can switch to other options once the wound has healed completely.


Vertical Labret Piercing Images
Vertical Labret Piercing Images
Double Vertical Labret Piercing
Double Vertical Labret Piercing


Vertical Labret Piercing Scar
Vertical Labret Jewelry
Vertical Labret Piercing Scar

The cost depends on the choice of jewelry, the fee of the piercing artist and the salon where the piercing is done. But most often the cost is about $60.

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