Septum Piercing

There is no doubting the fact that piercing hurts. For some, the pain is more than others; all depends on how much you can take. Nonetheless, people get it done all the time. Pain or not, it is still very popular with everyone, especially the youngsters. But it is an advice that you research the type of piercing you’re wishing to get before you join the hip and the happening club. Septum piercing information is provided here that you may need to know before going for it.


Septum piercing, for one, enjoys a history of fame and recognition in various civilizations. People from Mayan, Inca and Aztec civilizations used body art, especially septum piercing to scare enemies. Large jewelry used to deploy for that purpose – they got insertion in the piercing and gave kind of a fierce look to the natives. If we talk about the present day scenario, it is still common in parts of Nepal, India and Tibet. While more and more people indulge into this piercing, a brief account about it is kind of necessary. Scroll down and read how safe it is and whether you should really get one or not.

Septum Piercing image
Septum Piercing image
Fake Septum Piercing

What is Septum piercing?

Septum piercing gets in the middle of the nose. Cartilage, which is present between the nostrils, is pierced. The word ‘Septum’ means the partition between tissues or cavities and the nasal septum divides the two nostrils. Hence, the name of the piercing is Septum piercing. An incision is made at the tip and very rarely in the mid part of the cartilage. This piercing is not as common as the nostril piercing.

Septum Piercings
Septum Piercings

Septum Piercing Procedure

How to pierce your septum?

You can very simply take an appointment in a studio where septum piercings carry out. Now, going blind sighted is a very sad approach – you should always do a little research before actually going for it. There are two options for every prospective customer – find a cheap studio and compromise on your safety or pay more price and get better results. The choice is most definitely yours but latter refrain by all. You will have to fill a form and give consent to carry out the piercing.

Double Septum Piercing
Double Septum Piercing
Infected Septum Piercing
Infected Septum Piercing
  • Cleaning of nose precedes and follows the process.
  • Only after cleaning the area with a rather strong antiseptic he will insert the needle.
  • A sharp disinfected needle will be inserted to make an incision at the middle of the nasal septum.
  • The septum is held steady using a clamp. It is important for both piercee and the piercer to understand the need for sterilizing everything before using it.
  •  With a 1.6 mm gauge piercings usually carry out; for larger piercing and in order to accommodate bigger jewelries, a scalpel is required. The needle and clamps must be clean and sterilized in order to avoid any infection. Before getting a nose piercing, make sure you check the indicator strip that proves that they are, indeed clean.
  • Once the needle inserts inside, it might pain for a few minutes during which piercer will remove the clamp and jewelry will be set in. In the last step, the professional will clean the blood.

Septum Piercing Pain and Healing time

Septum Piercing Guy
Septum Piercing or Middle Nose Piercing

The pain of the piercing retains itself for about 3 weeks and the nose will stay tender for as long as 3 weeks. Complete healing of the piercing takes at least 6 months.

Septum Piercing Aftercare

If your pierced area has white secretion all around, that is actually quite normal. Although green or yellow secretion is not – that indicates an infection. White one is your bodies’ natural reaction to it but the pus should not be overlooked. As soon as you suspect an infection, consult a doctor. In case there is infection in your piercing, don’t remove the jewelry. Leaving the piece in place won’t let it close and also drain out the infection. Salt and water are common to use for cleaning the piercing. It is manageable at home with a cotton ball and should be done everyday without fail. It ensures your septum is dirt free and protected from all kinds of infections.

septum piercing guy
septum piercing guy

Septum Piercing Recovery

To help the piercing recover faster, you can make some lifestyle changes. Giving up alcohol is a good measure. At the very least, keeping the consumption very less would help the people the most as alcohol causes inflammation.  Aviod drinks with alcohol content and products with alcohol in them. In addition to that, you should keep your pierced area clean. It recovers better when it is dirt free; in any case, dirt makes it painful and uncomfortable.

Septum Piercing Pictures
Septum Piercing Pictures

Septum Piercing Risks

Just like any other body piercing, Septum Piercing could also lead to infection, hepatitis and AIDS. Infected needles can be a cause. Other than that, Nasal Septum Hematoma is one of the other complications that start because of this piercing. In this condition, the person finds it difficult to breathe and suffers from nasal congestion. The piercing could also damage the nose, deform the face or puncture a tissue in the septum which causes obstruction in capillaries. If your septum piercing smell foul then that could be a sign of infection.

Male Septum Piercing
Fake septum rings

Bull Nose Piercing Jewelry

Some of the most preferable Septum piercing jewelry are septum retainers, circular barbells and bead rings. Some fake jewelry are also in trend these days which do not require any actual perforation eg. Faux septum ring.

Crooked Septum Piercing
Crooked Septum Piercing

Septum Piercing Price

Now you must be wondering, how much does a septum piercing cost? Well, an average cost of septum piercing that you can expect is between $40 to $90. It includes the jewelry cost. Prices may vary with the parlor choice and its location. It is advisable not to visit a sub-standard parlor in order of cost-cutting as it may lead to complications later.


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